The Dos and Don'ts About Applying Heat Transfers

The Dos and Don'ts About Heat Transfers

1. Good heat transfer machine well known brand.

2. Know your equipment! Make sure is accurate on the temperature and pressure if not find out what it really is.

3. A good bottom platinum where you garment will lay flat. Making sure it doesn't have wholes on the rubber and its not loose.

4. Top plate has to be clean and nothing  stock to it.

5. Any item being applied, The surface of the area that you will be applying has to be FLAT and make sure there are no obstacles from the same item or other items getting on the way of having the hot plate of the transfer machine coming in contact with the transfer.

6. Recommend to preheat the area that is being decorated for 1-2 secs prior to placing the transfer on there.

7. It doesn't hurt to rub the surface of the transfer prior to removing the paper once the head of the machine comes up. Just to help with proper application.

8. Always find out what type of transfer application you are dealing with before you make the application.. There are several types..

9. Its best to always apply one on a scrapped material prior to doing it on the actual good just to make sure you will have a successful application and you don't ruin your actual goods.

10. Very important to know the type of fabric you have and to make sure what the surface of the material contains.

We get asked often what is the best heat transfer for my project? With that we do ask a few follow up questions.

  1. What is the actual fabric you are using

  2. What kind of surface? ( holes, patterns, textures, finishes, etc.)

  3. Collet more information on the material just to make sure the surface doesn’t have any type of proofing

  4. We normally ask for an actual sample so we can test it out

Are you in need of heat transfers and still not sure which type would work best?